A taste of Timișoara

In Timișoara and the surrounding region of Banat we organize city tours or region tours. In our conception having a tour with a professional guide in the quickest way to learn about a region, to discover its legends or its hidden stories. We are aware that the region of Banat is not a highly promoted touristic attraction, but we assure you that the destination itself is one which offers plenty of historic facts, many architectural details and good food and fine wines.

Discover our city, Timișoara

City of Timișoara: discover this city that looks like no other in Romania, with its multicultural history, a city that knew the Turkish occupation, the Austro-Hungarian occupation, the communist era and then it was the first free city of communism in Romania.

Classic city tour: we will take a walk through the most important squares of Timișoara, we will start from Piata Maria where the Revolution of 1989 was an idea first, than continue to Piata Victoriei, a place full of history, architecture, the hottest place of the revolution. Here in the heart of the city we will admire famous buildings in Timișoara, a paintings museum in the Orthodox Cathedral, than we will walk through coquette streets to Piata Libertatii, a square used for military purposes mostly, also full of legends, the very heart of the city. This walk will take us to Piata Unirii, the most beautiful in the city, a curious place that seems out of ordinary as unites together 2 of the main religions in the city: orthodox and catholic represented here by 2 beautiful churches of each religion. The square has its own charm as it is a promenade with numberless places to sit and enjoy a vine, a special place full of life during summer evenings. We can end the tour in one of the special restaurants and we recommend trying local dishes and Romanian wine.

Long Tour of Timișoara: for travelers interested mostly in the way of living, in a peoples’ tradition and local culture we will enlarge our tour, in addition to classic tour we will visit some famous neighborhoods we learn about the way of life starting from the 13 century until today, we will see some houses built by people working in this city, people that influenced the life of the city. Also we will visit some representative churches in the evolution of the city and understand how different cultures and religion mixed together to become the modern city today.

Revolution Tour: we will certainly follow the trace of the Revolution of 1989, we will begin at the very church where the idea of a protest got a shape, the streets where the people first begin to think they can change something, you will also hear some life stories, some stories about communism in Romania. We will visit the Memorial of Revolution, a museum dedicated to the revolution, with pictures, short movies and many memories… Also we will visit the cemetery dedicated to those who lost their lives in the revolution.

Tour of the Churches in Timișoara: Timișoara is a curious city, it is privileged to have known and integrated in its culture several main religions: Orthodox, Catholic, Jewish and later Protestant. For the tourists interested we can organize an interesting tour and visit the most important churches of different religions, and observe the differences in architecture, paintings, styles or even beliefs of the people. In addition to visits of the churches in Timișoara we will add the Timiseni Abbey, a nuns’ Orthodox monastery that keeps the tradition in Banat region. It is a special place of serenity and soul comfort.

Wine tasting in Recaș: Recaș is a small town, 25 km away from Timișoara. As we drive from the city we will see how the landscape of flat plains will change into mild green hills, flooded by sunshine. It is a little strange to meet this landscape here and to see the vineyards on the hills. It is a serene landscape that will take you from the joy of the eyes to the joy of taste as these vineyards produce special vines, famous in all continents. You will get the chance to visit the vineyard, the production site and then taste a few kinds of wines together with local food. It will be a pleasant day.

Wine tasting in Păuliș: Păuliș is a very small vineyard, 80 km from Timișoara. People who produce these wines keep their local tradition. Although vines here are not that famous they are of good quality and some of them quite exclusive. This will be a trip into an traditional, somehow isolated world.

Discover our region, Banat

Banat area is a result of its multicultural roots. It is a land that was inhabited since Roman times, then it knew all the turmoil of old times, it was under Turkish occupation for several hundred years, but the real influence was given by the Austro-Hungarian regime, that left many traces in the habits, the language, the way of thinking, even in the food of the people who live here.

The castles and fortresses in Banat: we will have a drive to some of the castles in the area. Although most of them are in desperate need of renovation you will catch a glimpse of the way of life, the architecture of the area. Maybe the best known is the Castle of Savarsin, today a property of the Royal family of Romania, renovated, a good example of old and new times together. Then it is Macea, the fortress of Soimos, then the Corvinesti Castle in Hunedoara or the fortress of Deva. On the way we will have a stop at the Monastery Maria Radna, an example of baroque art in Banat.

A tour in the Banat Mountains: we will start a one day trip to the mountains. On our way will have the opportunity to get to know some small villages of the Romanian peasants. We will cross apple, pear and plum tree orchards. Arriving in Baile Herculane, a very old wellness city, we will be surprised by the glorious past of the city. We will have to pass over the actual state of the city and enjoy the special landscape and clean air. Our trip will continue to Orsova, a city on the banks of the old Danube. From here we will start our sail to the gorges of the Danube. The sites are breathtaking and will be surrounded be quietness and serenity. We can have a stop to taste a special fish meal surrounded by the Danube and the mountains. It is a trip to contemplate and relax.